An Introduction: Savant

I first heard of Alexander Vinter also known as Savant thanks to High Rankin’s Rankin’ Radio Podcast. Rankin played “Bad Baws” from the album ‘Overworld’ and I, enjoying my pleasant bus ride through the Cotswold’s, was blown away. Savant’s music is overwhelming and yet organized down to the most meticulous detail. A wee bit of delving into Savant’s discography will show an astonishing plethora of tracks and albums, each with their own unique twist and emotional qi. Savant takes you on a journey through an awesome and sometimes frightening journey filled with 8 and 16-bit video game music samples, almost like a mixture of Mario and Pokemon on a Tolkien-style journey.

His interview with Beatport and website bio refer to Alexander Vinter’s amazing ability to produce vast quantities of music that miraculously lose no quality with the quantity. His passion for music is inspiring and this quote from his interview with Beatport News by Matt Ferry explains it simply: “Music is not a hobby, or even my job—it’s the reason I wake up and the reason I don’t want to go to bed”.

The energy that bursts through his music makes it hard for his listeners to go to bed too. It’s quite plainly exciting music. His style is somewhat difficult to classify, but one can count on hearing some dubstep and electro house with accents of classical, jazz, metal, reggae and pretty much anything else you can imagine. There’s not a single in his repertoire that doesn’t tingle the senses and leave one breathless; to say his stage name is fitting is an understatement of the highest form.

Enough gushing, here’s some videos and links.

Bad Baws:






Beatport Interview:


An Introduction: Sub Focus

Nick Douwma aka Sub Focus, having made tracks since as early as 2003, was picked up by Andy C and launched into well earned limelight. The man behind the highly successful remix of “Kickstarts” by Example, is a highly talented drum and bass producer with a knack for making a dynamically thick sound that is both uplifting and deep. His first album was released in October of 2009 and the following year he remixed Rusko’s track, “Hold On” featuring Amber Coffman. He’s remixed for other artist including Basement Jaxx, Dizzee Rascal, The Prodigy, Deadmau5 and DJ Fresh to name a few. Most recently he’s released three tracks with corresponding remixes, each fantastic individually and together a statement of the quality and range of Sub Focus.

For more information on Sub Focus here’s:

The Wiki:





Official Website:

An Introduction: High Rankin

Despite the ubiquitous “heavy”, “massive”, “brain-melting” craziness associated with bass music, there is often a silly, rambunctious and tongue-in-cheek vibe. No one has yet to master this cheekiness and delightful absurdity better than High Rankin.

Will Rankin of Brighton, UK, king of low brow humor paired with highly intelligent and talented mixing, began his DJ-ing career as a teenager and has since produced many delightful tracks once can peruse at will on his…



For those interested in listening to his podcast Rankin Radio:

Furthermore there’s the Twitter and Facebook:

And the label Suicide Dub:

An Introduction: Zeds Dead

Yet another amazing electronic music group from Canada is duo Zeds Dead. Comprised of Zach and Dylan, AKA DC and Hooks, they make amazingly massive and grimy dubstep.  Zeds Dead frequently collaborates with rapper Omar LinX and The Killabits.  Their history with The Killabits goes back to the early days of Zeds Dead when the two groups began hosting parties at “751” in Toronto.  They later released the  ‘Bassmentatlity’ EP in honor of the Bassmentality parties which by then had moved to “Wrongbar”.

For more information about Zeds Dead visit their:




Wikipedia Page:

An Introduction: Crizzly

Texan crunkstep producer, Christopher Lee Marshall, aka Crizzly, has taken the dubstep fueled electronic music revolution to the next level.  Crizzly is the king of balance and knows instinctively where to ramp up anticipation without making it redundant.  With listed influences including Waka Flocka, Borgore, Doctor P, Paul Wall and Lil Jon, it’s the perfect marriage of concepts for the kids who grew up with songs like ‘Get Low’ and who live and breathe dubstep today.  For others, it’s the music for the perfect house party, club, or any other event where energy runs high.

In interviews, he comes across as a laid back, intelligent guy who has been tempered by the shock that inevitably comes from the sudden rise to fame.  He has a dry sense of humor and is diplomatic as well as honest.  Like Rusko, he lets the music do the talking, and his music has a lot to say.

To analyze, or at least get a good feel for his style, it’s best to listen to the original tracks next to his remixes.  For example, Al Hernz’s ‘Snap Back Swag’ is simple hip-hop with a catchy beat that’s danceable.  Crizzly takes bits and pieces, such as the intro, and pushes the song from laid back hip-hop to loud, crazy, head-banging music that packs a lot of heat and commands respect.  He uses air horns, Lil Jon soundclips, and other stereotypical sounds and utilizes them in a delightfully cheeky and sincere way that is unarguably clever and enjoyable.  Crizzly is fun to listen to, great to dance to, and one can’t help but feel dandy blasting his tracks day or night.

Crizzly’s music is available for download from SoundCloud:

Crizzly’s Facebook: