An Introduction: Dubstep

If you are inclined to frequent head banging, chill tunes to get you through the daily grind, or drops that shake your mental and literal foundations, look no further than the dubstep genre.

There is much bickering as to what exactly qualifies as dubstep, but in short it should contain some sort of drop, high levels of bass, some sampling, and has about 138-142 bpm according to Wikipedia.

The more “pure” dubstep sounds like reggae with a clap or snare at the third beat.  Artist Benga in his involvement in Warrior Dubs provides an excellent example.  Skream has made extremely well mixed dubstep that is brilliant and minimalist.  Songs such as “Blue Eyes” and “Dutch Flowers” are great examples.

With the passage of time, the sub-genre has split into many different variations. The advent of the “wobble” brought the idea that dubstep can be fun and unpredictable.  Rusko’s music ranges from chill, to funky, to heavy, always sticking to a well tuned formula known only to the master. Lovers of random sampling brought 8-bit infused music to a dubstep beat.  Mochipet, Ample Mammal, and Rustie with the song “Hyperthrust” show just how varied, intriguing and intelligent the genre can be.

To other producers, dubstep became the medium for introducing the “heaviest” music possible. This is often considered unsavory to those who prefer the chillness of dubstep’s origins, but to others, dubstep of this kind offers a handsome bridge between metal and electronic.  Excision, Datsik, and Downlink provide a heavy, almost metallic aspect to their songs which are a great choice when showing off subs.

Other artists have taken dupstep in multiple directions, stretching the definition of the genre.  Skrillex’s debut dubstep album, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, brought many different genres to the table (such as glitch and progressive house) and helped to spread the popularity of dubstep across the United States.

Dubstep has been around since 1998.  Since then, dubstep’s popularity has spread across the globe, with a particular growth in popularity in the United States in 2009-10.  While it still remains an underground sub-genre of electronic music, dubstep is quickly progressing towards the mainstream.  In the span of a few years, dubstep went from the domain of indie savvy intellectuals and the European club scene to being the secret love of millions of teenagers and adults alike across the world.  There’s no stopping the desire for this kind of music and it’s hard to predict just how long it will be till dubstep joins the ranks of pop and hip-hop on the top charts world wide.  In the mean time, sit back and relax, or perhaps stand up and thrash around, to the music that is taking the world by storm: Dubstep.


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