An In Depth Look At: Rusko

Dubstep producer Christopher Mercer has put out multiple tunes and EPs since 2006 with ‘SNES Dub’ and changed the scene single-handedly with his tune, ‘Jahova’ in 2007.

He grew up in a musical family and plays the guitar, saxophone, and piano. Program Sony Acid got him into making his electronic music inspired by Squarepusher, Iration Steppers and a love of bass.

After snapping up a Music Performance degree from Leeds College of Music, he moved to London to work with label Sub Soldiers. He collaborated with producer Caspa on the album ‘FabricLive.37’ which debuted ‘Jahova’, ‘Hammertime’, ‘Mr. Chips’, and ‘Cockney Thug’. Thus, according to The Guardian, the “wub” and “wobble” was born.

That same year, Rusko released Babylon Vol. 1 adding ‘Love is Real’ and ‘Lion’s Paw’ to his repetoire. ‘Cockney Thug’ was played by BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong and Rusko became a household name in any dubstep-lover’s abode. On the 13th December, 2008, Rusko mixed for Radio 1’s Essential Mix collection. He moved to Los Angeles in 2009 and produced “Mishka – Keep Watch Vol. XII”. Babylon Vol. 2 was released on iTunes in June of 2009, consisting of ‘Mr. Muscle’, ‘Go Go Gadget’, ‘Sound Guy is My Target’, and ‘Moaners’. He released album ‘O.M.G.’ on the fourth of May in 2010 including ‘Woo Boost’ and ‘Hold On’ featuring Amber Coffman, which made it into the U.K. Top 100 chart.

Rusko’s style has evolved from being largely deep and moody to, as he called it in an interview with Joseph Patterson of The Guardian, “heavy, dirty, wobbly, party-time dubstep”. Rusko is currently working on his next album which he described on his Twitter as, “Dubwise + Bouncy”, and it is pending release either at the end of this year or early in 2012.

In between albums, Rusko remixed for many artists including Kid Kudi, Lady GaGa, Basement Jaxx, Little Boots, Kid Sister, Kelis, made tracks for M.I.A., and recently the Pixie Lott single “What Do You Take Me For?”. He has released the single and corresponding music video for ‘Somebody to Love’ and his album, “SONGS” was released on March 26, 2012.

He tours constantly and played at U.K. Creamfield’s Festival and the U.S.’ Global Dance Festival in 2010, as well as doing tons of gigs across the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. His upcoming U.K. tour includes stops in Bristol at Motion, the Tuesday Club in Sheffield, Digital in Newcastle and the O2 Academy in Oxford to name a few.

Rusko is the closest one can get to defining the dubstep genre and his contributions the electronic community are far reaching. He will be an excellent producer and artist to watch in the coming years as dubstep works to take the center stage in electronic music. If you you haven’t already, sit back and have a listen to the genius: Rusko.

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