An Introduction: Kaskade

Electro, progressive, deep house, and legend, Kaskade has proven to be one of the leading producers and DJs in the world.  Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) is a native of Evanston, Illinois and while attending Brigham Young University in Utah, began to develop a passion for being a DJ.  He produced his first single ‘What I Say’ in 2001 and in 2004, ‘Everything’ was rated  #1 on Billboard Magazine‘s Hot Dance Club list.  In 2006 Kaskade signed with Ultra Records.

In 2008, Kaskade released Strobelite Seduction in collaboration with producer Deadmau5, which featured the hits ‘Move for Me’, ‘Angel on My Shoulder’, and ‘Step One Two’.  His next track with Deadmau5, ‘I Remember’, made international fame hitting the top fifteen list on the U.K. single’s chart.  In 2010, he worked with vocalist Haley on the sensational track, ‘Dynasty’.

Fire and Ice was released on the 25th of October, 2011 reaching into the top ten on iTune’s album list within the first twenty-four hours.  ‘Lessons In Love’ featuring Neon Trees is currently the most popular song on the album followed by ‘Lick It’ made in collaboration with Skrillex, ‘Llove’ featuring Haley, ‘Eyes’ featuring Mindy Gledhill, and ‘Room for Happiness’ with Skylar Grey.  The first ten tracks on the album are the ‘hot’ tracks or original mixes that stay true to Kaskade’s airy and mesmerizing use of house and trance synths.  ‘Ice’ remixes have a noticeably ‘cooler’ vibe to them and introduces a slightly funkier side to the Kaskade sound, changing the song from ethereal introspection to a more poignant and driven vibe.

For those who love trance, house, chill dubstep, and electronic music in general, Kaskade’s music is a classic essential: perfect for any mood and any occasion.


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