An In Depth Look At: Skrillex

Sonny Moore, once lead singer of post-hardcore/metal core band From First to Last, has transformed into dubstep, glitch, and electro house behemoth, Skrillex.

Los Angeles native Sonny Moore was asked to be a guitarist for From First to Last, but was also heard singing. The producers were pleased with his vocal ability and asked him to be lead singer in the band. They released two successful albums and toured with Vans Warped Tour, but were disbanded following Moore’s vocal complications and eventual surgery. Following this, he experimented on his own, releasing tracks on Myspace and touring briefly, but successfully with the band Sonny and the Blood Monkeys.

In 2008, he began to produce electronic music, first under the name Twpiz and later Skrillex. His first single, ‘My Name is Skrillex’ was available for download free of charge. His debut album, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites was released on iTunes on December 21, 2010 on Big Beat Records in coordination with Mau5trap Recordings and WEA International.

Similar to dubstep artist Rusko, Skrillex was influenced early on by Squarepusher, as well as Aphex Twin, Autechre and Prodigy. His rock and metal sound comes from his appreciation of artist/band Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.

He has completed a multitude of remixes including ‘Rock That Body’ by the Black Eyed Peas, ‘Alejandro’ and ‘Bad Romance’ from Lady Gaga, ‘In For The Kill’ by La Roux, and ‘Levels’ by Avicii. He has also collaborated with nu/alternative metal band Korn and two of these songs is available on Korn’s next album, The Path of Totality released on 6 December, 2011. ‘Get Up’ featuring Skrillex has been played on many radio stations across the country and ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ is now available for listening on Korn’s Myspace.

Skrillex is open to making music for different sources. He has done music for his own DJ-ing and album releases, video games, as seen in his music for Syndicate, ‘Syndicate’ and ‘Reptile’ for Mortal Kombat, and perhaps someday a movie score. Most recently, his video for ‘First of the Year (Equinox)’ appeared on the Beavis and Butthead revival episode one.

Skrillex has also taken part in the Re:Generation or the Regeneration Music project sponsored by The Recording Academy, Hundai, Greenlight, and Art Takes Over. Skrillex collaborated with rock legends The Doors for the song, ‘Breakn’ a Sweat’. In the 54th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in February 2012, he recieved three Grammys with one for Best Dance Recording for ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’, Best Remixed Recording of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema”, and Best Dance/Electronica Album.

His enthusiasm and genre-weaving abilities have granted him success beyond the usual scale of someone starting out in the electronic scene. In 2011 he was nominated for five Grammys including Best New Artist, the first time a DJ has ever been considered for that category. Skrillex has composed his way into the hearts of millions and one can’t help but wonder at what he’ll do next to get the world raving about his music. To get a good feel for Skrillex’s sound and scope, you may enjoy ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’, ‘My Name is Skrillex’, ‘Hey Sexy Lady’, ‘In For The Kill’ remix and ‘Syndicate’.


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