An Introduction: Rustie

Electro, dubstep, house, trance, drum and bass, and so on can summon a brief snapshot of sound that is easily recognizable and thus often easy to generalize.  However, Scottish artist and producer Rustie, is one who cannot be limited to a single category.  Signed with Warped Records and involved in the label LuckyMe, Rustie has taken the 8bit blip, dubstep pattern, and two-step beat to new and unexpected heights.  Each track is highly unpredictable and would be equally appropriate in a NES game as in a high-culture art exhibit.

He has produced a remix for PVT’s ‘In the Blood’, been featured on the ‘2010’ album from Warp Records with other artists including Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus.  Rustie has also made the EP Sunburst with the notable track ‘Hyperthrust’, the Bad Science EP featuring the track ‘Tar’, and Jagz the Smack. Rustie has also released singles ‘All Nite’, ‘Ultra Thizz’, and ‘Zig Zag’, produced the album Cafe de Phresh for 215 The Freshest Kids, co-created the EP Play Doe/ Tempered with Joker, and released his debut album Glass Swords in October of 2011.

Rustie’s sound is generally in the higher register with 80’s and 90’s synth and 8bit samples, but what makes it unique is his orchestrating.  Consistent patterns aren’t readily apparent, but a general direction towards the ephemeral and effervescent can be found on every track.  Where one would expect to hear what they’ve heard before, Rustie will take a completely different angle that is hard to argue.  If you like glitch, two-step, dubstep, and 8bit, Rustie will provide surprises and entertainment that would be hard to find anywhere else.


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