An Introduction: Crizzly

Texan crunkstep producer, Christopher Lee Marshall, aka Crizzly, has taken the dubstep fueled electronic music revolution to the next level.  Crizzly is the king of balance and knows instinctively where to ramp up anticipation without making it redundant.  With listed influences including Waka Flocka, Borgore, Doctor P, Paul Wall and Lil Jon, it’s the perfect marriage of concepts for the kids who grew up with songs like ‘Get Low’ and who live and breathe dubstep today.  For others, it’s the music for the perfect house party, club, or any other event where energy runs high.

In interviews, he comes across as a laid back, intelligent guy who has been tempered by the shock that inevitably comes from the sudden rise to fame.  He has a dry sense of humor and is diplomatic as well as honest.  Like Rusko, he lets the music do the talking, and his music has a lot to say.

To analyze, or at least get a good feel for his style, it’s best to listen to the original tracks next to his remixes.  For example, Al Hernz’s ‘Snap Back Swag’ is simple hip-hop with a catchy beat that’s danceable.  Crizzly takes bits and pieces, such as the intro, and pushes the song from laid back hip-hop to loud, crazy, head-banging music that packs a lot of heat and commands respect.  He uses air horns, Lil Jon soundclips, and other stereotypical sounds and utilizes them in a delightfully cheeky and sincere way that is unarguably clever and enjoyable.  Crizzly is fun to listen to, great to dance to, and one can’t help but feel dandy blasting his tracks day or night.

Crizzly’s music is available for download from SoundCloud:

Crizzly’s Facebook:




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